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Monday, June 10, 2013

Growing Plants with a Humidi-Grow Tray

Many orchids thrive in warm, humid environments. They benefit from sitting on a humidity tray, especially during the winter months when our homes are heated and the air can be quite dry. Humidity trays are the perfect solution to increasing humidity around your plants. As the water evaporates, it raises the ambient humidity around your plants. Refill the water in the tray a few times during the week if there is a lot of sun or if it is particularly warm in your home. Made from rigid polystyrene, plants sit on the upper grid platform and excess water drains into the tray below. The Humidi-Grow Tray allows you to use pots with drain holes without worrying about excess water pouring out and causing structural or furniture damage. The overflow will pass through this pot and collect in the tray where the settled water will evaporate and help offset the loss of transpiration which is the loss of moisture through the leaves. The one thing you want to look out for is that the bottom of your pot (and roots) are not sitting it water. This can be deadly as excess water contributes to root rot.
Root Rot

 These trays are designed for minimal care. Just wash the tray and grid with mild soap and water occasionally, then refill with water.

Tray Sizes:
HT-101 H-2 1/4' x L-13 1/2' x W-10 1/2'
HT-102 H-2 1/4' x L-26' x W-10 1/2'
HT-103 H-2 1/4' x L-29 1/2' x W-13 1/2'

HT-104 H-2 1/4' x L-38 1/2' x W-6 1/2'
HT-105 H-2 1/4' x L-26 1/4' x W-6 1/2"
HT-106 H-2 1/4" x L-26" x W-20"

Check out this video from our friends at Orchid Web

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