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Friday, December 03, 2010

David Off is a 3rd generation member of the highly respected WALDOR ORCHIDS family.

Cold and Wet

With cold weather here to stay for the next three months or so, it is time to make sure we protect our prize plants from cold air. One sure way to infect your orchid with fungus is to it to them get wet and then allow them to get cold. Good watering techniques include watering early and also good air movement to ensure the plants are dry before temperatures drop. At the greenhouses, we only water using the sprinkler system on sunny days. Last week we watered early, but only had sun for a few hours. With the cloud cover, the flowers were still very wet hours later. To keep fungus, like botrytis, the small dark spots on the flowers from forming, we ran several fans in the greenhouse all night to dry it out. Be sure to take special care when watering plants that are developing new growth, as water sitting in the sheathing of the new growth can cause it to rot. Practicing proper watering techniques and having good air movement will help ensure healthy orchids all winter long.

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