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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

David's Monthly Orchid Tip July 2010

David's Monthly Orchid Tip July 2010

David Off is a 3rd generation member of the highly respected WALDOR ORCHIDS family.


Water In these "dog days of summer", your orchids will need extra water. If your plants are outside or they're in a greenhouse they will need to be sprayed down almost daily (this depends on the amount of rain you get) when the temperature reaches the mid to upper 90's. Greenhouses can become extremely hot this time of year and soaking down the floors is a great way to cool the down. We can drop the temperature 15* or so with a good soaking. Even if you grow indoors plants will need some extra water, too. If you grow your orchids in windows, a couple of hot sunny days will dry them out. And even if you grow under lights, since this is the growing season, most of your plants will benefit from a little more H2O to fatten up those bulbs.

1 comment:

  1. Hi David, thank you for your July tip on how to water my orchids. It is a big help to us newbie to read one of your blog. I'm looking forward to another blog of yours.


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