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Saturday, January 16, 2010

David’s Monthly Orchid Tips January 2010

David’s Monthly

Orchid Tips
David Off is a 3rd generation member of the highly respected WALDOR ORCHIDS family.

While we do not normally recommend repotting this time of year for most species, as they are dormant, we do continue to pot our collection of cattleyas almost year round. While it sets some back, Catts that are beginning new root growth will establish quickly even this time of year. One thing I'd like you to consider, whether you handle your plants now or wait until Spring (normal repotting time), is the leap frog experiment. Try this. Instead of planting into your regular size pot (let's say a 5"), put the orchid in the next size down (4"). If you use a pot that accommodates the division (3-4 bulbs) and enough room for one more growth, usually only about 1/2 - 3/4 inch. As a general rule I've found that an orchid will establish a fantastic root system in a slightly smaller size pot. Then, instead of waiting the usual two years, next year your plant should be ready to be shifted (leave the root ball intact and place in a larger pot) (into say a 6" pot). Since we will generally repot every two years, in that same span we have actually leap frogged the 5" pot size. The catts really seem to grow in leaps and bounds under this system. I use it for all new divisions that come into our collection. It also reduces the chances of developing rot, as it will be on the dryer side. I have tried this experiment on even larger divisions and I've seen plants go from a 5 ½ or 6" to an 8 or 8 1/2" in less then two years. And as always "Good Luck Growing".

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