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Monday, January 19, 2009

David's Monthly Orchid Tips

David’s Monthly
Orchid Tips
David Off is a 3rd generation
member of the highly respected
When January winds blow...
January is typically one of the coldest
months of the year. To orchid growers, this
means two things. Cold drafts from leaky
windows and greenhouse panes, and Hot drafts
from heaters working overtime. Neither are
good for your plants. Make sure that
temperatures on your windowsills, right where
the plants are,!do not get too cold for the
variety of orchids that you are growing there.
They may need to be moved back!from the glass.
Walk around the outside of your greenhouse
and fill in any holes. Silicon is an excellent way
to fill in small holes. Also, consider covering the
entire greenhouse with heavy plastic. Just make
sure you will be able to ventilate in some way, if
the greenhouse would happen to get too hot.
Remember to keep plants away from hot air
drafts as well. This is especially important for
plants in bud or flower, as they will not tolerate
hot drafts. If there is a heat register or
baseboard below!the window you are growing in,
make sure there are no leaves or flowers
hanging above it, as they will get too hot.

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