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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Third Trip Report: Waldor Orchids

So, as expected, my husband and I went down to the South NJ area this weekend and we went to visit Waldor Orchids. This was my third orchid "trip" this summer (see my prior posts for my visits to Tewksbury Orchids, Taida Orchids, and Silva Orchids).
Waldor Orchids is located about 15 minutes outside of Atlantic City. I didn't know what to expect from them but heard good things about them on this forum. My overall impression: Fantastic!

Unlike the other growers I visited this summer, Waldor had the best selection. My husband (the math genius) estimated that we saw at least 20,000 plants in numerous greenhouses. They carried orchids of many many types... in species and hybrids. Phals, oncids, cats, dendrobium, paphs, vandas, and so many more. Many were in bloom and of course there were many not in bloom. It truly was a feast for the eyes.

The staff there was also incredibly nice. I knew in advance that they sold the humidity trays that I wanted and had called in advance to make sure they were in stock (and they were) and the guy had them for me when I arrived (at very competitive prices as well). They happily gave advice (even if you weren't buying anything) and helped people make good selections. It is clear their primary business is to sell wholesale but they don't neglect individuals who come to visit.

I dragged my husband through all of the greenhouses that were available for public access. Even my husband was very impressed by both their selection and friendliness.

I'm primarly interested in phals (b/c that's what my home right now will support) but looked at everything. I really enjoyed myself. They had a number of beautiful phals... most range in price from $20-$35. They also had some specials that were around $18.

I have to recommend this place. Even just to go and look. They are super friendly and don't follow you around. You can take your time and enjoy yourself.

That's probably it for my orchid trips this year. Hope you've enjoyed reading my reports from a newbie perspective.

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