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Saturday, December 23, 2006

AOS Membership

I feel inspired to write this after Having Dinner with the new Vice Prez. of the AOS. We talk a lot about how Membership was down and how some things are changing at AOS. He sounds like they got a lot of new ideas to help raise membership and make AOS and even better society. I always love the magazine but hated the price. He told me about the cost that is involved in doing the two magazine and how they use the membership money for a lot of good causes. support of the nonprofit membership organization through dues aids so many other important areas that the Society supports year round -- orchid research, conservation, education, Affiliated Societies, and the like. His views on how to make things better for the orchid hobbyist really impressed me. We talked on topic such as judging and how we need to get the youth more involved in orchids. Most people would think who cares their membership is down. Well let me say that I'm not a member but after speaking to him I'm going to get a membership to help support AOS. Being that I'm part of a family orchid business that been operated since 1925 we see how AOS makes a difference. It educates our costumers. Instead of just wanting a they want to be come a hobbyist and collect better things in return the suppliers and grower have to look into improve and what they grow only the best at all times. I guess you can call it the food chain. So I urge you all please go out get your Love ones a membership to AOS or send in a support to them. This is coming from someone who is not a member but was touch by the future of AOS at one dinner.

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